Pienza e i Fiori

“Pienza e i fiori” was born many years ago by the collaboration of a great nurseryman from Pienza: prof. Sirio Mangiavacchi, who dedicated much of his resources and his inventiveness to this festival, involving the Municipality of Florence and his other colleagues.

The aim was to create a high-quality exhibition-market that would intensify the architecture of Piazza Pio II and the Papal Palace, enhancing the classical floral character already present in the architectural styles.
It was then written that ‘Pienza and the flowers’ should have been the canonical festival of Primavera, a sort of floral jubilation that was a hymn to the arrival of the warm season, of the new fruits, a propitiatory floral ritual of the agrarian year, which would have found his subsequent correspondence in the traditional Christian “Corpus Domini”, with his Procession of the Fiorata. This has been the case for decades.

Today with renewed artistic and aesthetic motivation, Pienza e i fiori has been enriched with new initiatives that make it one of the most important parties of the town.

The character of the event is now regional and many local nurserymen and Tuscan provinces flock to a party that has become famous in Italy and abroad. The Natural Shopping Center in Pienza has also participated in the organization of this festival for two years, contributing to improving it and promoting it.