From Corsignano to Pienza

Pienza is a complete Renaissance creation conceived as an Utopian “New Town” by Pope Pius II, Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini.

The site Pope Pius II chose was the village of Corsignano, where he was born into an exiled Sienese family in 1405. His architect was Bernardo Gambarelli, called Rossellino, who worked under the guidance of Leon Battista Alberti.
Along the Corso Rossellino we find the remained 15thcentury palaces, this street leads to the Piazza Pio II (the heart of the town) which embraces the Duomo and other important palaces.

After over 3 years of work on the 29th of August 1462 for the Festività di San Giovanni Battista, Pope Pius II consecrates the Duomo and inaugurates the new town of Pienza. But neither Pope Pius II neither Rossellino could enjoyed long of their creation as both died in 1464.